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We have been focusing in wireless tour guide system since 2012.

Integrated Box

One to many transmission 



Steady and uninterrupted signal


Product Main Features
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Strong transmitting power;  Transmission distance is 150 meters if no obstacles.
Stable; Continuous working time: 20 hours.
Clear, high fidelity, and zero noise.
The product is Exquisite; The earplug feels soft, comfortable and convenient to use.
RoHS Material; Strong reliability.
CE safety certification by the European Union

          20 hours            
          battery life of continuous usage.


 Our products are being used in a variety of circumstances. 
Easy interpretation
Tour guide transmitter
Unique sound quality
Stylish appearance
Comfortable to wear
Exquisite design
  This is a great product. We got it to use for doing simultaneous translation in our church and 
it works perfectly. It's simple and light weight.    
Red Gospa of Spain
  These have a built-in lithium battery like the mobilephone. Great product! Will do business again! 
Singapore A Star Research Entities
   We are using these in classes at our high school. They are amazing in education. The teacher 
can speak with a very calm voice and every student can hear. No one misses what the teacher is 
saying. You can have different groups in the same room on a different channels and the teacher 
can talk to each group separately by changing their transmitter's channel. It is a game changer 
in education.  
The Guerrilla Memorial in Bashan
  Customer Reviews
  We loved that the equipment its small, compact, portable and easy to use. 
We used it for my simultaneous interpreting services assignment for a group of 10.  
G20 Summit
  So far, this system seems good- the transmitters and receivers are TINY. We will be taking 
them on a trip to Europe to use with tour guides. 
Tsinghua University
  Product was exactly as described. We are a loud manufacturing facility, and all devices were 
tested on a recent tour. All worked great, and everyone that used the receivers stated they hear 
the guide very well.   
BMW After-sales Service Exhibition Hall of Shanghai
   We purchased these to translate for our Spanish speaking church members and they are amazing. 
The speaker sounds very clear in each headset. 
Each little device comes with its own ear piece, lanyard and charger.
China International Import Expo (CIIE)
  We use them mainly as portable simultaneous interpretation devices and tour guide systems.   
Shanghai Qiankun International 
Travel Service Co., Ltd.
I can walk quite far away from the transmitter and still be heard clearly. It's super easy to use which is great for someone like me who has minimal technical skills.  
Lhasa Satuo Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
When the food is ready, 
the shop assistant can click on the transmitter and call the corresponding guests
so as to provide a quiet environment.
There is no need for shouting anymore.


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