Museum Tourism Scenic Spot Audio Guide System Audio Guide MP3 Player

Museum Tourism Scenic Spot Audio Guide
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Audio guide player is used in many kinds of tourist spots.

The audio files in the device will be played manually by the tourist.

Tourist can choose their own language in the device.

The device storage capacity:  16G


① : Change language

② : Pause / start

③ : Last audio

④/⑤ : Change volume

⑥ : Next audio

⑦ : Switch on / off



1. Headphone volume adjustment: push VOL+ or VOL-.

2. Languag eselection: push SET button.

3. Playing audio: push to start or pause the audio. means one audio is being played. means the audio is paused.

4. Audio number selecting: push ② to pause and enter the audio number to play the specific audio. If input 001 or 002 - 3 digits, the audios will be played automatically. 

If input 01/1 or 02/2 , 1-2 digits, the audios will be played after push② button. If the display shows ▄, it means there is no such audio in the device. 

Note: Language folder and audio file name requirements

1. Language folder name format requirements---The language folder name must be composed of 5 or more English letters, which must be capitalized, such as ENGLISH, CHINA, etc.

2. File name requirements---The file name in the language folder must be initialized by a capital letter of the language name, like E (English), C (China) followed by 3 Arabic numerals, such as E001.MP3 E002.MP3, C001.MP3 C002.MP3, etc. The first letter is the same as the first letter of the folder, and the Arabic numbers are in the numerical order.

Note: Folders and file names must comply with the above two requirements.


Working current: 35mA;

Battery capacity: 1500mAH; Headphone jack: 3.5mm

LED display;

Machine size: 117x43x14.5mm; 

Machine weight: 105g

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