Provide our customers with a very clear sound
experience in every environment.
Excellent sound quality stands out   
By using our wireless tour guide system, your voice can be easily conveyed without loud noise.
Direct transmission of audio can improve clarity and eliminate interference, so that the guests can get a clear and undistorted sound.
Simply match the
transmitter device with the
guest's receiver to transmit your
voice directly to the guest.
Through our technology,
all guests can hear clearly.
Customers can enjoy the following product advantages: 
​● lightweight, hands-free audio transmitter and receiver
​● easy to use and maintain
​● user-controlled volume
​● multi-channel
​● non-interference between tour groups
Wireless tour guide
Wireless guide will make your next trip an unforgettable experience. With the Wireless Tour Guide solution, the tour group will hear each word with clear sound quality. There is no need for loud speaking, no confusion, and only a clear explanation can be felt.
Factories, large warehouses, logistics bases and other remote communication sites.
Factory workshop, warehouse is the core area of your business. Staff shouting communication reduces work efficiency. 
Smooth and high-definition communication are essential to improve work efficiency.
Wireless communication system meets the challenges of most environments. 
In addition, when customers visit factories, it is also a better way to provide professional explanation services.
Public Places and Business Conferences
Whether you are presenting your products to potential partners or the general public, the sound system is an important part of your work. 
Once start conversations, and attract new customers to build lasting relationships, 
receiving earphones must be exquisitely made and comfortable. 
With years of global sales experience, we have balanced quality and cost to provide the best solution for your business activities.
Teaching and Training
Make students and employees more focused and involved. In training speeches, you have an important message to share. Every word is important. By providing appropriate audio presentations to ensure that the audience understands, problems are solved and discussions among participants are encouraged.
VIP Reception and Executive Meeting
Recepting VIP guests and administrative meetings are serious activities. A professional audio transmitting system is a good starting point for demonstrators who want to ensure that each participant understands each word. Our audio transmitting systems cover the needs of small or large VIP reception venues.
The earplug is ergonomically designed. According to the structure of the ear, it fits closely with the ear, comfortable, compact and light, so that guests can hardly feel its existence when wearing it.
Museums and Churches 
Small, convenient and nice. Perfect simultaneous translation devices for foreign language speaking church members. And great choice for a small elite group tourists. Especially for the using in museums and palaces when loud speaking is not allowed.