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  • The Best Wireless Tour Guide Systems of WirelessLinkx
    313T 813R tour guide system is a cost-effective model. Transmitter contain a high capacity of 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery.   Read More>
  • Wireless Tour Guide System
    Does the impression of the tour guide's explanation equipment still remain in the amplifier and loudspeaker?Among them, only school teachers are still using loudspeakers, and only those who set up market stalls are still using loudspeakers. Times are changing, and everyone has higher requirements fo   Read More>
  • Tour Guide System
    Tour Guide System
    First of all, compared with traditional speakers (voice amplifiers), the wireless tour guide system contains the transmitter, receiver, and charging box, which is simple and convenient to wear. The guide system is divided into a transmitter and a receiver; the main usage is: the speaker uses the tra   Read More>
  • Restaurant Pager System
    The concept of pick-up pager comes from abroad, and is usually called "wireless paging system" in foreign countries. Initially, this type of product was mainly used in restaurants where customers need to pay first and then pick up their meals, such as: fast food restaurants, dessert shops, coffee sh   Read More>
  • Whisper Tour Guide System
    With the more and more extensive use of tour guide system, the number of people who buy tour guide system has gradually increased, but when purchasing, how to choose a tour guide interpreter is difficult for tour guides. In fact, choosing a tour guide interpreter can start from the following aspects   Read More>
  • Wireless Calling System
    Wireless Calling System: The wireless calling system provides faster communication for businesses. Customers can enjoy faster and more comfortable service, and it also brings more organized management to businesses. The principle of this kind of service calling system is very simple. For example, in   Read More>