Wireless Calling System

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Wireless Calling System:

The wireless calling system provides faster communication for businesses. Customers can enjoy faster and more comfortable service, and it also brings more organized management to businesses.

The principle of this kind of service calling system is very simple. For example, in the restaurants, when customers need to obtain services, they can click the optional order, service, checkout or other service buttons through a wireless transmitter. The wireless signal will be received in the control center of the main station, directly reflected on the computer screen, showing the service requirements of a certain room with statistical analysis of the service work. And then the control center will call the waiter wearing the watch pager, through the information by the watch, the waiter can quickly understand the needs of a certain customer. The wireless service call system provides fast service to customers through the above communication.

Wireless Calling System Application:

A wireless transmitter is installed on the dining table in the hall or in each private room. A display receiver can be installed in restaurants’ counters, and a portable information receiving system can be used in large restaurants. If service personnel management is required, a management system is optional, and each service personnel can carry a watch-type information receiver. Managers, kitchens, and foreman can be equipped with hand-held pagers, which are easy to carry. It can be urged to pick up the meal, and the service personnel can be mobilized individually or in a group call.

1 The customer presses the wireless call button (service, order, checkout, cancel) to call, looking for the responding service personnel; it is convenient for the customer to call for service and create a quiet and comfortable dining environment;

2 The service staff can know which guest is calling and which location is calling through the LED display. It can improve service quality;

3 The digital watch pager carried by the service staff can receive the call content of the guests, and the watch pager has various function prompts such as music and vibration. You can also check historical calls;

4 The supervisor can hold a wireless pager, mobilize and arrange service personnel at any time, and can also realize group calls. Single call and group call are available. Increase profitability and improve industry competitiveness;

5 The kitchen outlet can be equipped with a fixed wireless call button or a handheld wireless call button to call the corresponding service personnel to take meals at the window. Speed up serving times, improve customer satisfaction, and increase restaurant revenue.

6 Managers can query, analyze and count services through the supervision and management system. Manage the service and understand the work efficiency of service personnel;