Wireless Tour Guide System

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Does the impression of the tour guide's explanation equipment still remain in the amplifier and loudspeaker?

Among them, only school teachers are still using loudspeakers, and only those who set up market stalls are still using loudspeakers. Times are changing, and everyone has higher requirements for high-consumption entertainment, such as tourism.

In the past, the meaning of travel was to go from the place where you are tired of living to the place where others are tired of living, and others will come from the place where he is tired of living to the place where you are tired of living. When I saw this sentence, I suddenly realized the sentence in Qian Zhongshu's "Besieged City", "Those who are surrounded in the city want to escape, and those outside the city want to rush in", the places that have not been visited are always novel and curious of.

Also because the meaning of travel has become different now, I not only travel to the places where you are tired of staying, but I also go to the places where you are tired of spending and enjoying.

Consume what? What do you enjoy?


The appearance of loudspeakers is prohibited in the scenic spot because it disturbs the people. Therefore, the introduction of the Keyinda tour guide explanation equipment expected by the whole people is beneficial to tour guides, tourists, and scenic spots.

The tour guide no longer needs to speak with the bulky traditional equipment, and always worry about it suddenly running out of power, this is the enjoyment.

There is no need to worry about noise pollution in the scenic spot, no need to worry about the large flow of people, and the sound of explanations will cause serious disturbance to the people, which is still enjoyable.

Tourists don’t need to be interrupted by another team’s explanation while listening. They don’t need to squeeze into the tour guide’s side and prick their ears to hear it clearly. It’s worth spending money. This is consumption plus enjoyment.

Tour guide explanation equipment has gradually become popular in 2016. Basically, large and small scenic spots have begun to popularize such explanation equipment, and some scenic spots have prepared several types early, such as self-service explainers, manual explainers, and neck-mounted explanations. A variety of options, such as one-to-many guides, team guides.

Of course, the most popular among them are the manual interpreters. The teams who come to the scenic spot can freely use the quantity. Tourists follow the tour guide to listen to where they go. One device can be used for at least 20 hours. The 2.4G configuration can effectively solve the interference between groups.

There are always merits and demerits in things, and the “defects” brought by traditional equipment will always be remedied by the “gong” of the back waves who have been upgraded from generation to generation.