Tour Guide System

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First of all, compared with traditional speakers (voice amplifiers), the wireless tour guide system contains the transmitter, receiver, and charging box, 

which is simple and convenient to wear. The guide system is divided into a transmitter and a receiver; 

the main usage is: the speaker uses the transmitter to wear a microphone to speak, and the visitors wear ear hook receivers to listen.

Tour guides with group guides generally have ear-hook wireless team guides and lanyard wireless team guides in appearance. 

The ear-hook wireless tour guide system receiver is a headset with the characteristics that the Bluetooth headset is light and compact to wear, 

has a strong sense of technology, and is fashionable and high-end, which makes the explanation more advanced, and it is not in-ear, clean and hygienic.

The lanyard wireless team wireless speaker receiver is the same type as the transmitter, and needs to be connected to a headset to listen to the guide. 

The other is divided according to the characteristics. Generally, there are basically two-way tour guide systems in the wireless team. 

The tour guide systems and the audience can interact with each other, and everyone in the team can ask questions and answer them, and everyone can hear them.

The tour guide system can be used for: wireless team explanation, simultaneous interpretation, etc.; it is mainly used for manned explanations: 

it can be explained manually, or it can play pre-recorded audio, which needs to be controlled by the person on duty.

There is also a main and sub dual-speaking wireless team tour guide system, which can have two guides to explain. Generally, 

it depends on the needs of customers to select the required interpreter.