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Wireless restaurant paging system
  • BCT-6910

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Coaster Pager
Pager dimension 106*51*11mm
Pager material ABS
Receiving sensitivity -114dB
Standby time Approximately 20 hours
Pager battery Built-in 3.7V 150mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Pager frequency 433MHz
Reminding method Ring and flash
Distance of transmission About 300 meters in a wide-open field
Protection level IP32
Keypad dimension 238*151*30mm
Keypad material ABS
Transmitting power 240mW
Keypad frequency 433MHz
Power adapter Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC 12V, 1A
Keypress method Touch type
Modulation AM

1. Pager can ring and flash (No vibration).

2. The distance between transmitter and pager is almost 300 meters in open area.

3. 12 month warranty

4. The voltage is 110V-240V

5. This price includes one transmitter and 16 pagers

6. Pager size: 106*51*11mm

7. Keyboard size: 238*151*30mm

8. Material: ABS

9. Frequency: 433MHz

10. Power: Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz;Output: DC 12V, 1A

11. Pager battery: Built-in 3.7V 150mAh rechargeable lithium battery

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