Tour Guide System Whisper Receiver Mini Earpiece Tourist Receiver

  • 30R

  • Customized


30R works as radio receiver. 

Paired with 30T transmitter.

Two 30T transmitters can speak in the same group / same channel.

This system can be used in tour guiding, training, teaching, translating, conference, etc. 

With the technology of strong digital signal, the working range is no less than 150 meters. 


Working mode: Digital QPSK;  frequency range: UHF (customizable); channel number: 50

Channel interval: 1MHz; screen: OLED; output level: 50mW / 16Ω

SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio): 70dB; working current: 18mA

Frequency response range: 20Hz-3.4KHz; distortion: <1% 

Battery capacity: 300mAH; working time: 15 hours

Charging current: 260mA; size: 61*23*14mm; weight: 21g

Effective distance: 150 meters

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