Audio guide auto trigger for K3 and K6

  • Trigger

  • Customized


Auto-trigger is used in many kinds of tourist spots.

Install the auto-trigger on the places where guide audio needs to be played.

The audio files in K3 / K6 will be played automatically within a certain distance of the trigger.

The audio file numbers and triggering distance is set on the trigger.



Use PWR / power key to set trigger distance. 

Distance number will be shown on the display of the trigger.

Triggering distance :

1 - one meter, 2 - three meters, 3 - five meters;

4 - twenty meters, 5 - fifty meters, 6 - eighty meters;

7 - one hundred and fifty meters, 8 - two hundred meters;

Audio file :

Use ID - / + to choose the audio files in the language folder.

Language is chosen on the K3 or K6.


Carrier Frequency: UHF; channel Number: 5CH; channel Interval: 4MHz 

Mode: QPSK; emission power: five-stage adjustable; working current: 0.06mA 

Battery capacity: 2 AA batteries


LED display; Working distance: 0.5 - 200m; 

Machine size: 83x58x34mm; machine weight: 80g

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