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F10 4


The speaker only needs to hold the transmitter to achieve audio amplification in any area with the loudspeaker.

The equipment is small and beautiful, easy to carry, and simple to operate. 

The sound range is evenly distributed, simple to assemble, small in size, and large in energy.

The black receiver and loudspeaker need to be connected with the power.

It is suitable for conference venues, school classrooms, museums, large area exhibition halls, etc.

Built-in large-capacity storage, can store and play recorded audio files. Support multi-language one-key switching.

F10 6


Screen: OLED; output level: 50mW / 16Ω

Frequency range: UHF(customizable)

Channel number: 23 (customizable)

Channel interval: 1 MHz; Transmitting power: 18dbm

Working current: 220 mA; Working time: 7 hours

Frequency response range: 20Hz-3.4KHz; distortion: <1%

SNR: 70 dB; charging current: 400 mA

Output/input interface: 3.5mm; battery capacity: 1500mAH

Size: 117*43*14.5mm; weight: 62 gram; capacity: 16 GB

Effective distance: 150 - 200 meters; accessories: microphone and lanyard

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