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GPS tour gudie system includes one radio transmitter and multiple receivers.

One transmitter's working distance is 20 - 500 meters.

Scenic spots are located, setted and recorded in the transmitter with a GPS system. 

Transmitter will memorize each scenic spot and send a signal to the receiver,

when they reach a certain distance of the scenic spot.

Transmitter and receivers will be in the same bus or cruise.

Different audios will be played in the receiver when tourists reach different places 

during the sightseeing or visiting.

It is a full-automatic system.

GPS智能导游系统_03 副本

GPS智能导游系统_04 副本

  1. Switch

  2. Delete one audio

  3. Delete all audios

  4. Lock

  5. Display

  6. Recording button

  7. Emergency button

  8. Output button

  9. Input button

  10. Audio choosing button

  11. GPS range setting button

  12. Channel choosing button

  13. Audio-triggering distance setting button

GPS智能导游系统_05 副本

14. Antenna

15. Output USB socket

16. Input USB socket

17. Power cable socket

18. GPS antenna

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