Display screen video picture audio guide system

  • K6

  • Customized



power supply

Lithium battery

charge mode

Charging storage box

Charging voltage


Operating temperature

-20℃ ~ 45℃

Storage temperature

-20℃ ~ 60℃

Storage Humidity

10% ~ 70% relative humidity









1) Fully automatic play function: 

the audience carries the audio guide device into the exhibition area, 

and the audio guide device automatically plays the corresponding audios without manual operation;

2) Video-on-demand function: with 0-9 digital number keyboard, 

visitors can choose to listen to different audios by pushing different numbers.

3) It has one built-in earphones, two external earphones with two earphone jacks; 

two visitors can use one device at the same time;

4) The display screen is a TFT true color LCD screen, 

which can display pictures and videos in a size of 2.8 inches;

5) Device can show the name of the exhibit and the presentation at the same time; 

it has a variety ways of presentations, such as audio,video, audio with description words, 

audio with pictures; freely choose the presentation method;

6) Button functions: play/pause, fast forward and rewind in the device, 

quick selection of the previous paragraph, the next paragraph, independent volume adjustment keys;

7) More than 9 languages can be played in the device; total audio time is more than 60 hours;

8) Built-in lithium battery; continuous working time more than 10 hours;

9) High-speed USB2.0 interface; users can easily modify the presentations as needed;

10) 30mm diameter large size speaker; the sound is loud and clear, 

and the outdoor use effect is better;

11) Micro SD card is compatible, which has 16GB storage capacity.

12) It is equipped with a charging and disinfecting integrated cabinet,  

which is beneficial to the health of the audience;

13) BLE 4.0 low power bluetooth location function;

14) Bluetooth calibration and setting function; 

high positioning accuracy and good consistency;

15) Compatible with Apple iBeacon, 

it can receive ibeacon transmitter signals installed in the visiting area;

All functions are fully integrated by a single device.

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