Auto-trigger audio guide system audio player earpiece receiver played within a set distance of trigger

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Auto-trigger audio guide player is used in many kinds of tourist spots.

The audio files in the device will be played automatically within a certain distance of the trigger.

The audio file numbers and triggering distance is set on the trigger.

Tourist can choose their own language in the device.

The device storage capacity:  512M


① : Change language

② / ③ : Switch on / off



1. Channel choose: Press and hold key "+" and turn on the device. 

2. Volume change: Use VOL + / - to change volume.

3. Language change: press flashing light to change language.

4. Light flashes blue 3 times per second: device is triggered accordingly and working.

5. Light flashes blue 1 time per 5 seconds: device is not triggered.

6. Light flashes red 1 time per seconds: device is triggered by another new trigger.

7. Red light keeps on and blue light flashes: the audio number set in the trigger is invalid.

   Purple light keeps on: low battery.

8. Upload the languages and audios to the device before use.

    Create new folders for each language; name the folders with capital English name of the language.

    Language folder name request: capital English letters, as: ENGLISH, SPANISH, CHINESE, etc.

    Upload different language audios to different language folders.

9. Audio file name request: one capital English letter + three Arabic numbers:

   The capital English letter must be same as the first letter of the language.

   Audio file names as: E001, E002, E003, S001, S002, S003; C001, C002, C003.

Only after setting the language folder names and audio file names as above, 

the audios can be played accordingly.


Working mode: QPSK;  frequency range: UHF; channel number: 5CH

Channel interval: 4MHz; working current: 30 mA 

Frequency response range: 40Hz-40KHz; distortion: <1% 

SNR: 80dB; battery capacity: 350mAH

Size: 61*22*9.5mm; weight: 18g

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