Auto-trigger audio guide system K3 played within a set distance of trigger

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Auto-trigger audio guide player is used in many kinds of tourist spots.

The audio files in the device will be played automatically within a certain distance of the trigger.

The audio file numbers and triggering distance is set on the trigger.

Tourist can choose their own language in the device.

The device storage capacity:  16G


① : Change language

② : Pause / start

③ : Last audio

④/⑤ : Change volume

⑥ : Next audio

⑦ : Switch on / off



1. Unlock device: Press and hold key "1" and turn on the device. The lock key on the screen will disappear.

    Turn on and off the device to lock and unlock the device.

2. Channel change: When it is unlocked, use VOL + / - to change channel.

3. Volume change: When it is locked,  use VOL + / - to change volume.

4. Language change: When it is locked,  use "SET" key change language.

5. Language is showed on the upleft corner of the screen.

6. Audio file number being played is showed on the downright corner of the screen.

7. Press and hold key "VOL +" and turn on the device, "alone" will show on the device.

    Now the deivce can't be triggered automatically. Tourist need to choose the audio files manually.

    Tourists now can choose the audios according to the sight spot they reach.

8. Upload the languages and audios to the device before use.

    Create new folders for each language; name the folders with capital English name of the language.

    Language folder name request: capital English letters, as: ENGLISH, SPANISH, CHINESE, etc.

    Upload different language audios to different language folders.

9. Audio file name request: one capital English letter + three Arabic numbers:

   The capital English letter must be same as the first letter of the language.

   Audio file names as: E001, E002, E003, S001, S002, S003; C001, C002, C003.

Only after setting the language folder names and audio file names as above, 

the audios can be played accordingly.


Carrier Frequency: UHF; channel Number: 5CH; channel Interval: 4MHz 

Mode: QPSK; working current: 35mA; SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio): 80dB

Battery capacity: 1500mAH; Headphone jack: 3.5mm

LED display; Working distance: 0.5 - 200m; 

Machine size: 117x43x14.5mm; machine weight: 105g

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