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China Manufacturer Double Probes Clothing Non-woven Fabrics Needle Detector Machine Conveyor Belt Industrial Metal Detector

Industrial Metal Detecting Machine
  • BCT-6600
  • Customized

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Brand BCITY Testing Width 560mm (custom)
Model BCT-6600 Testing Height 10/12/15/20cm (custom)
Voltage 220V/50Hz Speed 28 m/min
Motor Power 60W Weight 195kg
Machine Power 90W Display LED / Numbers / Letters
Metal Tested Iron (Fe) Conveyor Belt Antistatic PVC conveyor belt
Testing Method Magnetic Induction Count Method Available
Anti-interference Yes Photoelectric Sensor E3Z-T61 Omron
Sensitivity Control Level 1-10 Alarm Type Sound-light Alarm / Backwards

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Detection Width Detection Height Size (mm) Packaging Wooden Box Size
600mm 100mm 1650x1030x900mm 1720x1100x1050mm
600mm 120mm 1650x1030x920mm 1720x1100x1070mm
600mm 150mm 1650x1030x950mm 1720x1100x1100mm
600mm 200mm 1650x1030x1000mm 1720x1100x1150mm
600mm 250mm 1650x1030x1050mm 1720x1100x1200mm
600mm 300mm 1650x1030x1100mm 1720x1100x1250mm

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